Our products born from our great passions.
We know the needs of our customers and we are able to find the best solutions for them: personalized, quality and functional one.
Preparation, availability and customer service are our values, values that make us a partner and not just a supplier.

"Quality is to satisfy the necessities of the client and to overcome its same expectations keeping on improving him."


The presence of an internal work group, the search for specialized partner, the solid collaboration with approved suppliers, and again, the technical testing, the examination for suitable materials, the innovation and the suggestions of our customers are the main tools for improving the efficiency and quality of the articles we produce.


The historical experience in the mechanical sector and the internal technical office are our instrument to find the best design solutions and to present high quality machines and accessories.


Our company is not only production and distribution, but it is also the ideal partner for the design and restyling of dedicated work areas (rentals, laboratories and warehouses). Through professional technical advice, we study the layout of products and the optimization of spaces. The result is the ability to provide a complete service: from the project to the direct supply of machines, lockers, racks, boot-dryers and all the related accessories.


We have a large warehouse for the storage of finished products and, thanks to this efficient system, our shipments are precise, fast and safe to all our customers… not only Italian but also foreign as Polish, French, Spanish, German…


Our company's main objective is to create relationships with customers based on mutual trust and effective communication: communication implies being able to listen all the wishes and all the needs of consumers.
We do not want to be considered a simple producer, but we want to be recognized as a reality that can provide you practical and friendly help: guide in purchasing choices, help in identifying suitable spare parts, search for customized payment formulas, assistance in financing.


The technical assistance service has always been one of our strengths, because it is managed and carried out by people and partners with consolidated skills. Our machines are made up of modules that guarantee a simple maintenance; it is easy to identify any problem and solve it, without having to plan an intervention on the spot.
Our offices will guide you in solving the problem with simple telephone instructions and if necessary with the use of ad hoc visual supports.